Elettrodi EDM TIG ELECTRODES Long studies and researches have allowed us to supply EDM electrodes with an excellent quality / price ratio.



We supply the best tungsten-based electrodes for electro-erosion (EDM) for machining hardened steels, titanium and hard metals. In fact, our electrodes have a large electric discharge capacity between an electrode and a conductive piece, a low degree of wear and a sharp profile. In addition to this due to the high melting temperature of the tungsten, the HT products specific for ED in tungsten / copper last longer than the common graphite or copper electrodes.

A low wear capacity means that these materials will have better profiles and high workability. Using them you can get high quality surfaces. This is possible by avoiding the typical circular movements of the electrode in the processing phase of the piece. The burrs obtained from the use of the electrodes are practically negligible and the copper contained within them does not deform the material, thanks to the high quality of the raw materials. Our WCu electrodes are excellent substitutes for graphite ones.


  • Excellent ability to strike the electric arc

  • Excellent re-striking properties of the electric arc

  • Long duration

  • Excellent stability of the electric arc