Tig Electrodes TIG ELECTRODES Long studies and researches, have allowed us to supply electrodes with the best quality-price ratio.


We supply the best electrodes base tungsten for spark erosion (EDM), so you can machine hardened steels, titanium alloys, hard alloys and heavy alloys. Our electrodes have a great capacity of electrical discharge between an electrode and the conductive workpiece, low wearing, and clear edges to obtain many geometries. Thanks to the high melting point of tungsten, our electrodes (EDM) done by tungsten/copper have a long life, more than typical graphite or copper electrodes. Due to this, the higher cost for our electrodes is justified. Moreover, less wear means better edges and higher quality of the machining. Using our electrodes EDM, you can obtain high quality surfaces, avoiding typical orbital movement of the electrodes during the machining of the piece. The typical burrs are negligible and the copper inside is non-deformable, this thanks to the high quality of our raw materials. Our WCu electrodes are the best solution, and you can solve the problem of graphite pollution.


– Excellent capacity to activate and re-activate the electrical arc
– Long lasting
– Excellent stability of the electrical arc


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